Think. Build. Launch. Our capabilities can be vertically integrated or used à la carte to accelerate your mission.

Service-Centered Design

At the core of all our services, service-centered design enables us to keep your customer’s experience at the core and retain theQuality of Service as a KPI.

Low-Code Engineering

We have over 50+ years combined experience and 30+ partner certifications across low-code, RPA, and machine learning automation platforms.

Scaled Agile Project Management

Managing value, quality, and constraints at scale. We think, build, launch  iteratively to delight your customers and comply with the latest executive order, legislation, or paper process.


Every organization is vulnerable to a cyber attack. We provide NIST complaint cyber solutions so your organization can proactively defend itself from threats.

Data Engineering

We help you transition your organization from being data-driven to a data-powered enterprise. Taming your most unrealized asset, data, is what will determine your A.I.'s boundaries.

Digital Platform Governance

Through our suite of health assessments, standards, and monitoring tools, we ensure your agency can scale your investment in any digital platform.

The Sky Framework

The framework continuously triangulates on the shared priorities of the business, users, and the technologists involved in any given project. We call this overlay the Sweet Spot. Our framework provides our employees the objective soft skills, measures, and tools to keep your projects on track and in the Sweet Spot.

We prioritize the practices and capabilities, not processes, that drive high performing technology teams. Software engineering processes differ across our customers and their technologies and will shift overtime. The Sky Framework was developed with process modularity as a core element - we can adopt your process or you can adopt ours.

Past Performance

Our experts have modernized executed over 400 successful deployments on FedRAMP Authorized cloud platforms in support of 17 federal government agencies.


Core Technical


Health Cloud Projects


Defense Agency


Federal Civilian

What our clients say

“Absolutely crucial to our project!

“Ivory Skies has been absolutely crucial to our project. Not only are the people skilled in their role and exceeding my expectations here, but they are also very easy to work with and have a constant and positive approach to problem-solving.”

U.S.-African Trade CRM